Will Quan Speaker at Everything EV

Will Quan

Chief Technology Officer Fleete

AtĀ Fleete, we are enabling the next generation of smart electric vehicle charging infrastructure & technology. As CTO, I lead the technology, product, digital platform strategy and development organisation. Driving innovation, customer centricity and partnerships is at the heart of Fleete and our vision is to enable a seamless digital customer experience for fleet operators.

Prior to Fleete, I held senior technology, product and trading roles at global firms including Amazon Web Services (AWS), J.P. Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and HSBC. I studied Finance and Information Systems specialising in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Architecture.

I have also advised Boards, Venture Capital, Start-Ups, FinTechs, Energy and Automotive customers through my specialisation in security, machine learning, data analytics to design, build, deploy and scale advanced cloud-based solutions that drive business impact.

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