Leigh Purnell Speaker at Everything EV

Leigh Purnell

Founder & CEO Petalite

Leigh Purnell is a clean technology enthusiast, an innovator and highly skilled engineer at heart. He is the driving force behind Petalite which he founded in 2014. His aim was to develop a revolutionary, individual movement within the electric vehicle charging industry that innovatively break down technology and infrastructure barriers within the EV charging industry.

His engineering mindset has enabled him to develop Petalite’s SDC Technology, which answers many of the issues energy companies, CPOs, fleet management companies, and EV drivers all experience daily via full bridge technology, a technology hastily adapted to suit a fast-moving electric vehicle industry.He has a passion for energy solutions that support and improve environmental sustainability while providing efficient, low-cost charging infrastructure with high reliability for consumers.

The modular ‘PowerCore’ super-fast charging system was created through dedication and commitment to this idea and has now expanded to a strong elite team of engineers and business development specialists who are all inspired by Leigh’s vision and enthusiasm.

Leigh continually aims to shake up the EV charging industry for the better and to make charging easier.

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