Road was founded in Amsterdam in 2017 as E-Flux before changing in 2023. The company was launched to meet a specific need in the growing eMobility market: deliver a seamless infrastructure and payment solutions. Today it  serves 20% of the Dutch market and has expanded into the rest of Europe and the UK. 

Road is on a mission – to make EV charging transactions effortless for everyone by delivering the critical infrastructure that the EV charging ecosystem is built on. It connects EV charging equipment manufacturers, installation companies, businesses and drivers to one seamless charging experience. Road provides an agnostic software platform for managing transactions with excellent billing and settlement service as well as dedicated customer support, throughout the charging experience. 

With our purpose-built SaaS platform, unique expertise and world-class customer service – we make EV charging transactions effortless for everyone. This is the way forward. And Road is how we get there.