Paythru is a highly customisable payment platform built specifically around the complex multi-party needs of parking and EV charging.

Most off-the-shelf payment platforms do no more than process transactions between a buyer and seller.For example, an EV chargepoint payment may need to be split between chargepoint providers, energy companies, and parking operators. Or a charging network may want to set up payment-sharing agreements that allow its users to access other charging networks, eliminating one of the biggest concerns about EVs.

Paythru can solve both by integrating multiple parties and managing bespoke split settlements. It has also developed an optional front-end interface that lets users locate, book, and pay for services, can easily be white labelled into parking and charging apps and websites. Through robust customisable technology, and a team of dedicated EV experts, Paythru is the ‘glue’ that holds together complex multi-party transactions, all while being seamless and invisible to the user.