Novuna Vehicle Solutions

Novuna Vehicle Solutions are one of the largest UK leasing providers with over 40 years of experience delivering total asset solutions for every business. We have the unique capability and experience to build, fund and manage any vehicle or asset and are proud to manage some of the UK’s most complex fleets with 99% fleet availability and 100% fleet compliance. We understand the challenges of running a fleet, but trying to ensure your vehicles are carbon neutral is an even bigger challenge and one we’ve got the solutions for. From vehicles and infrastructure to data analysis and energy storage, we’re the only leasing provider to offer a one solution, one supplier approach. We’re proud to be different, guiding our customers through every step of their decarbonisation strategy, from assessing and implementing workplace and depot charging solutions to sourcing the right vehicles at the right time to maintain business operations and futureproof your fleet. Speak to our fleet experts today to find out more.